Friday, May 27, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Today the kids had their third swimming lessons. I am SO proud of both of them. Juliet just absolutely LOOOVES everything about it. When I tell her on Friday mornings that it is swimming lesson day, she picks out a bathing suit and carries it around with her until we leave. She talks about it and all the things her teacher tells her and what she is going to do. Today, she impressed her teacher too! The teacher was having her jump off a platform in the water to practice her "head down barracuda" but Jules started climbing out of the pool and said she wanted to jump from the side. That's a skill on the next level, but her teacher went with it and she did fine! She also passed another skill that is for the next level as well...floating on her back unsupported! Here she is doing the barracuda, the back float and then going under and back up.

Last week, Aidric was really nervous. He swallowed some water during his first class and while he stayed in the water and did fine, he didn't forget. By the time we got there last week, he refused to get in. Hid his face by my side and wouldn't even watch the other boy swimming. I finally handed him over to his teacher kicking and crying. That lasted all of 5 seconds before he really began to enjoy himself! This week, he told me on the way there, "I'm going to get RIGHT in the water today mommy!" ...and he did! He did a great job, doing everything she asked him to do. She is taking it slow with him so he doesn't get freaked out (which I'm thankful for!)

And this video has nothing at all to do with swimming, but it cracks me up. Aidric is in tee ball and loving it. I really need to post some of those videos...will put that on the to do list =) But, here he is trying to pitch to Juliet the way his coach pitches to him...and instructing her....and hitting her in the chest with every other pitch!! (Oh, and all of those black things on the porch behind her are the snails she collected right before...when she realized the snails were escaping, the baseball lesson came to an abrupt end!)


Gretchen said...

Go Jules!!! So impressed with her! The t-ball video isn't showing for me?

KimBerly said...

Love it!!