Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tee Ball!

Aidric started tee ball in February and he loves it. Chris takes him to all his practices and is generally on the field during all the games. In addition to Aidric loving tee ball, it's been a great bonding activity for them!

Aidric really takes it seriously....he constantly asks us to pitch to him at home so he can practice and when he's on the field, he is in the "fielding stance" 100% of the time. He is a great listener and quick to improve. Although it is "tee" ball, they get about 3-4 pitches from the coach during each at bat. If they don't get a hit after those pitches, they use the tee. At the beginning of the season, Aidric was hitting about 1 ball off the pitch during a game (3 at bats). Now, he rarely uses the tee!! We are sooo proud of him!!

he goes by "AJ" in tee ball. he's been pretty firm on being called Aidric, not AJ, whenever we've asked him for a preference, but for some reason, he OK'd AJ for his tee ball team/coaches. apparently it's his sports name!

the stance =)

that's him fielding the ball

that's his friend jack...he likes to have a good time =)

here's jack trying to "block" aidric's throw from getting to first- you've got to love 4 year olds playing ball!


Kate said...

oh so cute!!! I wish mason would be a little more focused!! AJ's good!!!

Megan said...

SUCH a cutie and he is doing a great job!!

KimBerly said...

He is so cute in his little uniform. Great photos by the way!!

Gretchen said...

Love The Stance. Soooo cute! He looks like a pro already! And didn't you (or at least Chris) always know his sports name would be AJ? :) It's perfect!