Friday, June 17, 2011

52 weeks project- weeks 18-24!

They are not all great pictures, but so far, we haven't missed a week! I can't wait to make my "52 week" book!!

Week 18..Mother's Day Brunch at preschool.

Week 19..pancakes for breakfast- family fave!

Week the beach for "beach day" with Aidric's class. I am always FREEZING at the beach unless it's over 70, so note my sweatshirt and jeans while the kids are running around in bathing suits!

Week the aquarium- I did mention the pictures weren't all that great, didn't I? =)

Week 22...Aidric's 4th birthday party! (yes, I am sporting a dinosaur tatoo on my bicep)

Week 23...Aidric's preschool graduation- impossible moment for picture cooperation, but oh well!

Week the Zoo just a few days ago - Sarah and I spent 5 hours there with a 1, 2, 3 and 4 year old! (Grace will be 4 this month, but it's kind of fun to list their ages like that =)
(side note..I'm 27 weeks in this picture- can't believe the third trimester has already arrived!!)


KimBerly said...

Cute pictures. Your kids are soooo cute and you are very photogenic.

Gretchen said...

Ok, I was scrolling through these thinking, "why is her belly covered up in EVERY shot?? Thanks for including the last one. :) You look great!