Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just catching up a little....first 3 are what most of our afternoons look like. After naps, we generally spend a little time out in the backyard...watering the garden, blowing bubbles, playing kickball and teeball (Aidric appoints Juliet the "coach" which means he hits over and over again while she chases his balls :), jumping on the trampoline, follow the leader, red light/green light, Simon Says, etc.

I'm pretty sure we made cupcakes for no good reason other than the box mix caught Aidric's eye while we were at Target...and they had been so good in the store, I figured why not.

Totally random...I feel like this SHOULD be from at least 10 weeks ago considering my "bump" no longer looks anything like this. I'll post a pic soon, but it's a full blown pregnant belly at just 23 weeks now! This was taken April 13...so 5 weeks ago, which means I was 18 weeks.

Just a few pics hanging out with grandma during her visit!

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