Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick Days and Dirt Pudding

Juliet has been sick for a week and it caught up with Aidric and me over the weekend. We stayed home all day Monday and Tuesday, just resting/recovering and trying not to pass our germs around.

When I first realized we would not only need to skip our playdate on Monday, but should probably not leave the house at all, I DREADED the day. We never stay home all day...just isn't "us". So, I knew I'd need a plan. I thought of some things we "needed" to do (water the garden, laundry) mixed with some new, different things we'd add in for fun (drink hot chocolate while working on a craft project). We ended up having 2 really, really great days. If you ask Aidric, he will now tell you that watching a movie during the day is what you do when you are sick! (Land Before Time on Monday and Tangled on Tuesday)

I should have taken a few more pictures, but I just didn't think of it until Tuesday afternoon when we were making dirt pudding. So, of our 2 full days at home, all I have documented is dirt pudding =)

Health Update: Juliet is about 90% recovered...Aidric has a lingering cough but not so mucousy or harsh and I'm probably the only one who is actually worse. Last night was the first night my kids let me sleep w/o someone needing something in about a week and I was up b/c my throat hurt so bad I couldn't sleep!


KimBerly said...

I'm sorry that the kiddos are sick. It looks like they had fun making the dirt pudding though. It looks yummy.

Gretchen said...

Ok, my computer was only drying out for 3 days (it works!!) and I'm suddenly 6 blog posts behind. ?!?!?!

You are such a good mommy coming up with fun activities . . . your sick days sound perfect! Reason # 273 that you're cut out to have more kids than I am. :)

Love getting caught up on all of the new pictures!! (even the ones that are old to you) :)