Thursday, May 19, 2011

Height Chart..September to May

At the beginning of the school year, one of the moms took all of the kids' pictures in front of the giraffe height chart. I didn't even know she had done it, but just saw them last week and am SO grateful she did it. How CUTE is the first picture?? Did I even LOOK at his hair that morning?? I have no excuses...he used to cry a lot when I combed his hair, so I just didn't =) But seriously, I love is SO him.

I worked at the school yesterday, so I took an "end of the year" photo of each kid.

Here are Aidric's pics. You have to zoom in to see the numbers, but (w/o counting the hair) he was 38" at the beginning of the year and is 39.5" now.


Kate said...

His face changed so much too!!! I love this idea!

KimBerly said...

I love his hair. Jake has the same hair style. Very cute! Good idea with the height chart. I should use this idea for Jake.

Gretchen said...

Oh he's so freaking cute!! Love seeing how much (and how little) he's changed in the past year!

beth said...

CUTE! What a fun comparison!