Friday, July 11, 2008

Aidric's second FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

We had a family party in Indiana to celebrate Aidric's first birthday a little late. Thanks to everyone for coming- it was so much fun to see everyone. Especially Brayden and Tre- two of my cousin's had little boys in May- all three boys are within three weeks of each other! Tre is "pulling" the wagon and Aidric and Brayden are enjoying the ride!

Here are some of the kids once we got the party hats out. As soon as she saw the hats, my niece, Ella, who is 3, exclaimed, "It's a PARTY!!" Apparently, it wasn't a party until the hats came out!

Opening some presents- and then deciding that he would rather read his new book while cousin Ella opens the rest for him!

This is just a cool picture of a dragon fly that my cousin Alex picked up after it was injured.

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Kate said...

You take such awesome pictures!! I LOVE the John Deere wagon in the very MIDWEST!! :) Looks like a fun party too!