Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break Day 2

We spent the morning at Adventure Plex with the Flemings.

This guy wasn't a huge fan of the "toddler/ 3 and under" section. He was actually pretty ticked off every time I tried to get him to play in there. Only exception was this slide..especially once he discovered going down head first, on his belly. 

Rather than climb anything you are supposed to climb, he decided to climb up on the window.

That's Juliet up there getting ready to go down the big slide. 

Aidric and Delaney stopping for a picture.

He was much happier in the "big part". 


 A rare moment when all 3 were together.

At one point, I was standing there talking to Michelle and Cormac was right at our feet. I looked down and he was gone. We both glanced around and he was nowhere. Michelle went out to see if he had somehow escaped the play area, I looked around in the other direction. Nowhere to be found. Knowing my son, I got down on hands and knees and looked UNDER the entire structure. Sure enough...there he was. This is clearly not a space for people. Trying to get him out, his head barely fit through! 

After going home and having naps/quiet time, we made the GAK I promised them we would make.

It was really cool.

They kind of loved it. 

And spent a good hour playing with it! 

After watering the garden and watching a show or two, it was dinner/baths and off to bed! Day #2 of Spring Break was deemed even more fun than Day 1. We'll see what happens next :) 

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