Friday, April 5, 2013

Cormac at 18 months (even though he's almost 19 months now)

I've been compiling a list of his likes/dislikes and fun things (and not so fun things) he's up to for the last month or so. It's taken me way too long to get this posted and I'm sure it's not complete, but he'd be 2 by the time I'm really ready to post it, so here goes!

Faves foods: 
Smoothies "moooothie"
Fave books:
Llama Llama Red Pajama (yama yama, as he calls it)
lift and flap (Grandma and Me & Grandpa and Me are faves)
That's Not My Puppy

Fave activities:
climbing, climbing and more climbing
watering the garden
being tickled
reading books (so glad this is on the list...I wasn't sure he was going to be as into reading as his siblings, but he loves it now!)

Little things to remember:
The way he raises one shoulder while leaning his head in that direction and grinning adorably to get out of whatever trouble he was about to get in.

The "ah" he adds to the end of random words. "phone-a" "no-a" "more-a" "mommy-a". Although when he says yes the "ah" goes at the beginning. "Ah-yes"

How he does something ornery and then very pointedly looks at you and says "ha ha ha...hee hee hee" with perfect annunciation on each letter..piggie and elephant style :)

How fearless he is. He wants to do everything the big kids do and he wants to do it just like they do. He is never happy to be left out of any activity and will often try to worm his way in. He constantly climbs up onto one of the kitchen stools while I have my back turned. and I never can't laugh when I turn around to see him just sitting up at the counter like he's ready to have his lunch. He's recently decided that riding his little "coaster" while holding on isn't nearly enough fun. So, once he pushes off and is going down the ramp, he lets go of the steering wheel. And falls off and rolls over onto the ground every single time. And gets up laughing and ready to go again.

His empathy. The other day, I was kneeling next to juliet, while she screamed about something (she was in trouble) and he pushed his way in between us to give her a hug. Another night, aidric was crying b/c we had just finished a facetime conversation with chris and he felt like his turn wasn't long enough. Cormac walked up, put his arms around him and his head up against his chest.

His manners. This kid is so polite that the other day while I was clipping his finger nails, I got a little "daint doo mommy" after each nail. When I caught him playing in the toilet this morning, he immediately and repeatedly said, "sahh eee mommy". (Sorry mommy)
ETA: in the last week, he has thanked me for changing his diaper and washing his hands

Sooo helpful. He really loves to help. We bought him his own broom and dustpan for Christmas bc he is so into using ours. He loves to help put the dishes away and even separates measuring spoons from regular spoons. Unfortunately when I'm folding laundry he insists on helping by taking piles I have folded, walking into a room with them and sticking them in any random drawer.

Oh, he's bossy. If I'm telling Aidric and Juliet to do something or not do something, he immediately repeats the instruction in an incredibly bossy voice. "Ju-yet- NO!!!" "Aidric!! Um'ere" (come here)

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