Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cormac, continued

Cormac, cotinued....

He's funny and he knows he's funny. He does things for a laugh and often repeats whatever gets the biggest laugh.The other day he grabbed both of my cheeks in his hands, looked right into my eyes and said "chubby". I died laughing. Juliet often does this to him, much to his dislike. Now that he knows it was funny, he does it over and over. (and honestly, it's funny each time b/c now he laughs hysterically while he's doing it  :)

Yesterday, he called my bluff. We were in his room and needed to leave to pick up Aidric. Our convo:
me: come on buddy, it's time to go
c: no
me: well, mommy's leaving now (I get up and walk out of his room)
c: ok, bye bye mommy. luh you.  (shuts the door to his room with him in and me out)

A few pictures taken in the last month:

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