Monday, August 13, 2012

Beach Day!

We're actually headed to the beach today....just waiting for the cousins (and their parents) to arrive before we head down. Seemed appropriate to post these pictures that I took back in August...

At some point during this past summer, it became not so fun to bring Cormac to the beach. First, it was eating sand, then it was his constant beeline crawl straight toward the water. We finally had the idea to bring something to contain him. This is the top of Aidric's old water table. Chris would lug it down to the water, fill it up and then haul it back to our towels. I can't say it kept him happy the entire time, but it definitely entertained him enough to make it worth it.

Aidric spent most of the summer upside down, after attending a few days at gymnastics camp. At the beach was no exception.

I bought a point and shoot under water camera and used it to take these. Under water pictures in the ocean..and in the waves...not so clear. But, it's still fun to be able to go into the water with a camera and get shots of Aidric bodysurfing and Juliet just hanging out with me with just our feet in the water. waiting for the next wave to take us in.

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Gramma said...

Aidric makes me a little nervous, those waves get really big, and he cracks me up with the hand stands.