Sunday, August 26, 2012

11 months old!

Way late getting this one up! I did actually take the picture within a day or two of him turning 11 months though!

Trying to remember exactly what he was up to at 11 months....he started regularly standing up without the assistance of anything to pull up on. He took 1-2 steps a few times. At a visit to the GI specialist, he weighed 21 lbs. and measured 30 inches. (And was switched from nexium to prilosec for continuing reflux issues...nexium was working fine but for some reason, its' not available from the manufacturer!) He seems to to be outgrowing his dairy issues. I'm slowly reintroducing dairy into my diet and he's had homemade popsicles a few times that I make with a mix of yogurt and pureed fruit and he seems to tolerate it well.

Having a hard time fitting his whole body in the frame with this set up! Ignore the motion blur on his hands...this was as good as it got so I had to go with it!

Can't believe there is only ONE more "month" picture to go!!!

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B+J said...

I can't believe he will be one in just about a week--these babies seemed to turn in to little boys overnight! I can't wait to see all 12 pics together...