Saturday, August 11, 2012

back in August...we visited Indiana!

I so want to catch up on this blog, but I am overwhelmed with photos to edit right now! (both professionally and personally). So...I'm going to chug along with the blog and you'll notice a LOT of un-edited pictures here. I'm going to try to be ok with that :)

My parents live in what  I lovingly refer to as the middle of nowhere. Like anywhere, it has it's ups and downs. The downs? Driving 20 minutes to a grocery store. The ups? Acres of gorgeous land, privacy and room for the kids to RUN!!

Juliet actually spent 2 days in Indiana without me! After my mom came to visit, Jules flew back with her. Cormac and I followed and these are from our first full day there. My niece, Ella, spent almost every night at my parents too. She was sooooo good about letting Juliet follow her around and they got along really well. We're looking forward to seeing her again in CA in January!

It was sooo hot that when the sprinklers came on, I did not deny her the joy of running around in them. 

Cormac enjoying some time out in the grass. 

The look on his face here cracks me up. 
Papa is a little enamored with Mac. He claims he is his own spitting image and that "Grandma Sytsma" (my grandma) would agree with him. :)

They looove grandma's bathtub.

 And the sandbox.

 C with my cousin Blake.

My mom took Juliet and Ella to the county fair once before C and I arrived. She begged to go back so we went again. I'm pretty sure she rode every ride she was tall enough for!

And the day we left...getting her nails done by grandma. To go with the fabulous outfit grandma had purchased for her :) 

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