Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cormac's BFF

Cormac is only 3.5 weeks old, and yet he already has a BFF!! (That is Best Friend Forever for anyone who is not in the know).

Bonnie and I met the summer before 7th grade. It is hard to believe that was 1989. (Wow) We immediately became BFFs and were ridiculously inseparable for the following 10 years. We've taken different paths since High School, mine leading to Butler and then San Francisco, Austin and now Southern California. Hers has included Michigan, Houston, Seattle and now Washington DC! Though we haven't lived in the same state in 15 years, we've always kept in touch and the core of our friendship has never changed. We always joked in high school that we were never 'in sync', referring mostly to the fact that whenever one of us had a boyfriend, the other was single and vice-versa. Things are still pretty drastically different in our lives, but having little boys born exactly one month apart puts us pretty in sync!

Bonnie and Oliver came to visit for 3 days and it was SO great to see her and meet Oliver! He is SUCH a good, sweet little baby!! We did a lot of just hanging out and talking with a few outings mixed in to keep Aidric and Juliet entertained and happy. Sadly, we seriously neglected to document 95% of the visit. On their last night here, Bonnie and I were heading out to dinner with just the babies and we finally remembered to grab the camera. 3 days of a great visit and this is all we have to show for it!


Karen said...

You both look terrific and I must say those are two of the cutest babies ever. Miss those days of the drama you two shared, Bonnie was the next best thing to a sister for you. Kind of miss those days.

Gretchen said...

It is SO fun that you both had boys just weeks apart from one another. :) I'm so glad Bonnie was able to come out for a visit so the newest BFFs could meet!

B+J said...

I miss you guys already! I loved spending time with you and your family. We have so many years of great memories together. I look forward to watching Cormac and Oliver become BFFs.