Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, to be Aidric....

Just a few of our exchanges over the last few days:

After asking me to lift him up so he could see out his window, which looks out at the dilapidated side of the house next door, "Mommy, I can not see the ocean."

While playing in the yard today:
A (pointing up): is that the roof?
M: yes
A: I want to go on it.
(and then not understanding at ALL that all houses do not have roof decks and that while our rental had a great one, we weren't so lucky this time.)

Prior to nap today.
M: Aidric, it's time to go potty.
A: I don't need to go.
M: Honey, it's nap time and we always go pee before we take a nap.
A: I don't need to go.
M: Fine, then you can wear a pull-up for nap time.
A: (as he is putting pull-up on) I don't need to go right now. I will just call you to go after you put me in my crib.
(Seriously? The whole reason that I make him go BEFORE nap is so that I don't have to walk ALL the way back up there 5 minutes later, and here he is planning it out ahead of time.)

Yesterday, he'd had a rough time at the grocery store with me and was put into timeout when we got home. After time out, he said he wanted to stay upstairs in his crib. I told him he could sit on the chair instead of his crib, that way he could come down and join us whenever he was ready. About 10 minutes later, Chris went up to check on him and this was their conversation, as Chris relayed it to me.

Chris: What are you doing buddy?
Aidric: I just wanted to come upstairs and cuddle with my cloud blankie b/c I was not making good decisions. Later, when I come back downstairs, I will make good decisions.
Chris: Ok, when are you going to come down?
Aidric: That's a good question daddy. Maybe 14 or 17.



Beth said...

Love all of these!!!

Gretchen said...

Ok, Brent and I are both cracking up at that last exchange. Priceless!!!