Sunday, March 28, 2010

ahhh, PERFECT day

I just enjoyed today so much that I want to bullet point it out so I don't forget. Except I don't know how to do bullet points in blogger, so I'll "asterick" it out. =)

*slept in until 7:15
*laid in bed reading US Weekly until 7:45 when Juliet finally insisted on some attention
*cream cheese and bagels for breakfast
*chris and aidric got some work done around the house (Aidric looooves to follow Chris around with his tool box "helping" while Chris does random work) while Juliet and I had a little photo shoot in her room. (next post)
*quiet time for Juliet while I packed a bag for the beach and Aidric and Chris continued house work
*quick drive to Gardena to look at a truck for Chris (no purchase)
*about an hour and half spent at the beach- lunch first and then Aidric and Chris throwing rocks into the ocean and Juliet and mommy sunbathing, digging and lots of giggling
(I didn't bring my camera, so just an iphone snap here)

*home for a quick shower and naps (long naps)
*more work around the house done during naps..but this is GOOD- we are crossing things off that to-do list!
*also during naps, a half-caf coffee and a piece of "welcome to the neighborhood" cake for me- (THREE of our neighbors have stopped by with various gifts to welcome us and introduce themselves! sooo excited about this neighborhood!)

*up from naps...quick snacks and FINALLY we get a video of juliet walking!!!! (she started taking steps early February, but is very stubborn about using walking as a form of transportation and has been impossible to get on video)
*daddy worked a little longer after naps while the kids and I played in the backyard
*family bike ride around the neighborhood before dinner
*chris and aidric run to the grocery store for chips, salsa and guacamole while I make the part- they also come back with Jose Cuervo premade margaritas. YUM!
*yummy dinner and drinks
*and then, to keep it real.........Jules pooped in the bath tub. there really is no such thing as a perfect day =)
*snuggles and in bed
*ahhhhhhh, another margarita =) i loved today!!


Richard and Sarah said...

i love today for you! that's a fantastic day. deserves all those asterisks!

Kate said...

pretty perfect day!! So jealous of your beach adventure! :)

Gretchen said...

Oh, that does sound perfect. =) And how cute is Jules' bikini??