Monday, March 8, 2010

Juliet at 15 months...

Ok, 15 months and 8 days. I admit to not being very on top of things these days. Getting ready to move in a little over a week will do that to you. Especially when the house you are moving into still looks like a construction site! (progress here)

Here are some fun facts and things we adore about our little girl at 15 months. (and 8 days)

20 lbs. 10 oz (20%- this just seems weird b/c this child has some major thighs!)
30" (40%)

New Accomplishments
Taking 6-7 steps but still tentative
Just started to sit up in crib and read books during nap instead of going right to sleep
Singing (mimics basic tune in a hum and ends with AJ's signature "yeah")

No (3rd and probably favorite word)
Mama (her first word)
Dada (2nd word)
All done
Day doo (thank you)
Nigh nigh
bye bye
mil (milk)
(Will repeat almost anything but these are words she knows/says regularly.)

And the things we love:

*The way you laugh hysterically when you are being "chased". Half the time I come near you for something, you frantically crawl away just so we can play chase.
*How much you love to cuddle...especially on mommy
*How HAPPY and SILLY you are- most of the time you can be counted on to make us all laugh
*Your acting abilities. The DRAMA you display is truly worth an oscar. It is both hilarious and a little bit scary.
*The "game" you and daddy play in the car..when you start to fuss and he tickles you under your arm and you laugh so hard AJ starts to beg to be tickled too.
*The way you say "no!" in such a sassy little voice (there is limit on how long we're going to love this one)
*That you can absolutely hold your own. You were standing next to a ladder at the park the other day, and a litlte girl who was probably 3 or so came up and tried to push her way around you. You loudly GROWLED at her, causing A.) her to take a step back and B) her mom to crack up laughing at the situation
*Your "excited" pose- you do the same thing Aidric used to do- tighten your fists into balls, holding them up by your chin, clenching your jaw and screeching "eeee".

your lovies
Duck and Goose books
nutrigrain bars
cutie oranges
being held (by mommy =)

These pictures crack me up. Can you tell Dora is MUCH more interesting than I am? She wouldn't even glance in my direction!


Megan said...

She is seriously too cute for words! I bet she is walking in the next couple of days. Naya took her precious time too and then just took off one day!

beth said...

Those pictures are PERFECT!!! She is adorable!

jennifer may said...

so cute!! you are lucky. . . i have a major daddy's girl!

Richard and Sarah said...

i LOVE her little surfer girl pose in the 2nd picture! :)

Gretchen said...

Aww, she's so, so cute and looking more and more grown up in every set of pics you post!

Marcia said...

She's so beautiful!