Friday, September 18, 2009

Just a few more

From Hilton Head! And then I'll move on, I promise. There is no shortage of documentation from this trip, that's for sure =)

Brent and Chris were REALLY excited and happy with us the night we decided to take all the kids down to the beach for a photo session before dinner. The kids really loved it too. (Can you sense the sarcasm???)

Trying to get them to all look at us was ridiculous.

Getting Aidric to put his arm around Claudia was surprisingly easy.

Aidric LOVED jumping in the pool...

yep, he's under there.


Ryder was so proud of his new ability to swim by himself!! (And Chris and I were jealous that Brent and Gretchen didn't have to spend every minute catching a jumping toddler!)

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Gretchen said...

Aww, love the one of Aidric & Claudia. You did a much better job than I did of sharing these! I never got past "Hilton Head, part 1." =)