Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hiliton Head Day 2

We went to the beach in the morning, of course, but for once, we left the camera behind. After beach, we had some bubble time. Unfortunately, none of those pictures really turned out, but I did get some cute ones of Juliet watching bubble time. And then Aidric joining her b/c he hates to be left out of a picture =)

Back inside for another recording session and a few more of Juliet just being cute =)

After naps, we headed out for an early dinner at The Wreck of the Salty Dog. Juliet looked like such a big girl sitting her chair so sweet!

Gretchen and Claudia after dinner

Ryder and Aidric with their ice cream

And doing a tie-dye shirt before heading home. (You'll get to see the fabulous shirt in bowling pictures later!)


beth said...

Cute, cute! Really love the ones of Juliet and Aidric together.

Richard and Sarah said...


The Scott Family said...

Fun! I'm glad Aidric likes to "hug" Juliet as enthusiastically as Kyla does her baby brother! :)