Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love you much . . .

Practically everything that comes out of Aidric's mouth these days is worthy of documenting lest we never forget. So, a few "aidric-isms" and brief explanations to go with them:

*He has very good manners and usually remembers to say please, thank you and no thank you without being reminded. Lately, there has been quite a bit of "no, please" and "no thank you please" mixed in.

*He's discovered the word "probably". Sometimes he uses it appropriately, such as "It's probably hot" when he's given a plate of food. Other fun uses: "Mmmm, yum. It's probably good" after he tastes his food; "It's probably gone" when he finishes something. "It's probably broken" after he breaks it.

*He likes to tell Juliet what to do and is often a little too helpful. I generally ask him, "Who's in charge of Juliet" and he responds, "Mommy's in charge of Juliet". Then, I ask, "Who's in charge of Aidric?" and he responds, "Mommy's in charge of Aidric". (I can never resist then asking, "Who's in charge of daddy?" which, he of course answers, "Mommy's in charge of daddy." LOVE this kid!)

*After he sings to Juliet, he wants her to clap and if she doesn't, he tells her to. But, it comes out either, "Cwap Juliet!" or "CRAP Juliet!"

*When I make something in the toaster, as soon as it pops up, he says, "Ta-Da!"

*"You share me??" no explanation needed. Of course we'll share with you buddy.

*"Tutie pie Juliet". awwwwww =)

*And lastly, there are a lot of "I love yous" shared around here and often, it's accentuated by Chris or I with, "I love you SOOOOO much". The last couple of times I've told him, "I love you", he has responded with, "I love you much, mommy".


SpunkyToes said...

So sweet!

Kate said...

I love this post!! This is the fun stuff to remember!!

Richard and Sarah said...

i'm so glad he's my nephew. i love that kid! thanks for making a cool little person.

beth said...

oh how cute!! what great stuff to remember.