Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another great visit

Thanks to Mary, Larry, Sarah, Richard and Gracie for coming to visit us this past weekend!! (and special thanks to Larry who gave up BOX seats to NCAA games to come see us!!) We had a great time!!

(There are, of course, more adorable photos, but you'll have to check Grace's blog to see them! Give her a day though, I still haven't e-mail them to her....)

Their first "cousin bath" was in the sink over Christmas. They've graduated to the big tub. They were hilarious- Gracie kept "swimming" and putting her face in the water to blow bubbles and Aidric just wanted to stand up.)

Just one of many from our little photo session!

Easter Baskets

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E said...

Adorable bathtub pics. and I love the baskets!