Monday, June 4, 2007

Wearing big boy clothes

Not much to report today....his sodium levels are normal, his blood sugar is normal, and he's still a little jaundice. He still needs the nasal cannula and now it's up to 33% during feedings. To be fair, it really is hard to breathe and eat at the same time, isn't it?

Yesterday was rough. I was feeding him and his oxygen saturation went down and stayed down. He turned a little blue and it scared me to death. In four years of working in a children's hospital, I have never been holding a baby/child when one turned blue! He recovered much more quickly from the event than I did!

Leaving him at the hospital to go home for the night was really hard too. However, getting almost seven hours of sleep in my own bed was really nice.

His new requirement is that he has to eat 45 ccs at each feeding. If he doesn't, they will put an NG tube in. (feeding tube in his nose). The nurse today convinced me not to view this as a setback, but more an opportunity for him to save his energy and still get the nutrition he needs

Oh, and the exciting news is that he is wearing clothes! He looks so cute and tiny and even the preemie size clothes are huge on him. I tried to take a few pics that show his size better.

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