Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A quick stop in Illinois

On our way to see Grandma and Papa (those pics coming next!) we stayed a few nights with our very good friends, the Nords. Can not even tell you what a GREAT visit we had. I didn't know it was possible to have 5 children in a house and call it peaceful, but it really was. Claudia (4 years old) answered the door and greeted Juliet with, "Hi Juliet, do you want to come play with my toys?" So cute!! And they did...for most of the visit! Once Ryder and Aidric got over their initial "shyness" with each other, they were best buds. There are 2 years between them, but each time we visit, the age gap matters a little bit less. Aidric slept on a travel mattress in Ryder's room and when Gretchen checked on them the second night, Aidric was IN Ryder's best, only inches between their faces as they were "telling secrets and jokes". Gretchen has been one of my very best friends since College. I couldn't feel any luckier that our husbands are now great friends and our kids get along so well too. We're already planning our next trip with them!

We went bowling, to the Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas display and hired a sitter one night to go out for dinner and drinks sans kids. We were thrilled when we woke up to snow on our last day there. It wasn't much, but I'm so glad we got the kids out to play in it, b/c it didn't snow again while we were in Indiana.


Kate said...

such cute pics! Love the one of you and the hubby!! Maybe next year's 52 wk project should be us and our husbands! Those kinds of pics are RARE!! (sorry, total tangent!) what a fun trip!

Gretchen said...

Yay! We had such a great time - can't wait for our next visit!