Monday, January 9, 2012

4 months old

Cormacsaurus is 4 months old!! So hard to believe but this time is FLYING by. I got the exersaucer out today..isn't that supposed to be for "older" babies?? How can he possible fit into that category already??

Good news/Bad news...we'll start with the bad. The past 6 weeks or so have seen a steady decline in his sleeping habits. He was generally going down around 7:30 and not waking until 2 or 3 and then again around 5 or 6 in the morning, sometimes later. We saw more than a handful of 8-10 hour nights as well. He was doing great!! Then, 2:00 became 1:00 and then it became 12:00. This past week, it became 10:00 and 9:30. 2 wakings a night became 3 and then 4...pretty soon, I found myself sitting upright most of the night holding him so that any of us could get some sleep. Exhausting!!

After just a HORRIBLE night last night, when he cried even if I was holding him, I took him to the pedi this morning. She hadn't spent more than 2 minutes in the room when she said it sounded like he had reflux. After a lot of brainstorming with friends this was the diagnosis I was headed towards as well (I'm sure doctors love us parents who go in with a diagnosis :). They had squeezed us in for an appointment so our pedi didn't have a ton of time, but in the short time that we were in there, she heard him do his little choking/gagging thing where it sounds like he's just trying to swallow back whatever is coming up. So sad...and probably pretty uncomfortable for the poor guy!

He had previously been on zantac, which we had weaned him off of at 2 months b/c he was doing so much better with the spit up (after I cut out dairy). Now I feel horrible for weaning him off- he obviously still needed it! But, the good news is we can get back on track and hopefully we'll all get our sleep back too!

Today wasn't his official 4 month visit - that's not scheduled until the 20th. But, they did weigh/measure him and he was 15 lbs. 7 oz and 25.5". I think that's around 75% height and 50% for weight.

Even bigger news..he rolled over this morning!! Aidric saw it before I did. We came down for breakfast and Aidric reminded me that we forgot to do tummy time last night. I brought Cormac into the front room to have some tummy time with his big bro while I made breakfast and then I heard Aidric yelling for me that he rolled over. Aidric rolled over at exactly 4 months too, but since Juliet was sooooo behind on all developmental milestones, I guess that was still in my head and I was shocked that Cormac was rolling already! I figure Aidric had "assisted" the roll, so I went in and flipped him back to his tummy. He surprised me by pushing up on his arms and flipping right back over!

I have a feeling these back pictures are going to get even harder to take going forward!

Happy 4 months Cormac!!!

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B+J said...

Did not think it was possible, but he just keeps getting cuter! Nice job on the roll over kid, maybe you could teach O a thing or two:-)