Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a glance at our time with grandma and papa sytsma

Grandma and Papa with all the grandkids

It's really not possible to show how many lights are on his house. It's just a crazy display!! They even have a real santa and we happened to be in town on the night he comes so we took the kids to see him.

Papa and Cormac

the cousins

children's message during church

Cousin Bath! (the insane amount of bubbles are what you get when grandma is in charge of bathtime)

We spent one morning climbing on tractors and trucks at Sipkema Farms.


Gretchen said...

So many great shots here!! Love the first one with your parents, the pj's on the bed, and the bath - SO cute! I think Jules in the tractor wheel might be my favorite - classic!

B+J said...

Back home again in Indiana! It looks like it was a great trip and full Midwestern fun.