Friday, December 30, 2011

Ice Skating

Aidric and Juliet finished up an 8 week ice skating class right before Christmas. They absolutely LOVED it. Their instructor was amazing and made it really fun for them. It was fun for me to have them in the same class. They both did really well, learned how to fall first and then how to stand up on their own. They both do pretty well going forward (though Juliet "steps" more than she skates) and can kind of shimmy their way backwards. Not sure if we'll be signing up for the next session...I'd love to see them do it again, but Juliet is BEGGING to go back to dance and Tee Ball starts for Aidric next month, so we'll see.

Juliet all ready to go- I would generally get Aidric's skates on and send him out there b/c we were of course a few minutes late by the time we got everything on!

She caught up to him before the class started though and it melted me when I walked over to find them standing there holding hands.

On the ice!

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Kate said...

How fun!! Maybe they'll be a world champion pairs team? :)