Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting themselves dressed

Most days, Aidric picks out his own clothes. I try not to oppose his choices, even if they aren't my faves. I'll veto for weather or just let him know if something doesn't match...leaving up to him to change if he wants or not. (Though recently, I did strongly encourage him to choose something else when he came downstairs in dark, kelly green track pants and a lime-ish light green t-shirt. His defense? "Green and green mommy, it matches!")

Juliet chooses her own clothes on some days..I try to pick something out for her before I come down for breakfast. (Kids are usually up having breakfast with daddy). If I forget or don't have time though, she does choose her own. I often have to alter it a little...add a skirt over the leggings or somehow tie it all together.

A few weeks ago, there was a day when they both dressed themselves. And on that day, both outfits were photo worthy. And I don't mean that in a good way :)

First up, we have Juliet. Not a great choice, but it doesn't look too horrible, right?? The socks are an interesting choice and if we were going anywhere, I'd throw a black skirt over it to hide the fact that the leggings and shirt are not a great match. But we weren't going anywhere, so no big deal.

Here's the funny party...while in time out on the stairs, she decided to use that time wisely and put a second set of clothes on top of the first. The outfit on top was sitting on the stairs and she just put it on right over the other outfit. Wore both all day...when she got undressed for her bath that night we saw she even had two pairs of socks on!

And then there's Aidric. I need to preface this by telling you a little bit about our plans for the day...we had no plans. Weren't going anywhere or really doing anything..just hanging out at home.

So, why wouldn't he wear a button down shirt and tie??

Seriously, they crack me up!!


Gramma said...

I thing they both look pretty darn cute.

KimBerly said...

You have adorable children. I bet you have your hands full.