Monday, December 13, 2010

I swear..he HAS a bed....

The night after I found Aidric on the stairs, I went up to go to bed myself and look what I found:

He was sick a few weeks ago and I let him sleep in our bed. Ever since, he's been climbing in with us EVERY night between midnight and 4 AM. I guess he figured he'd just cut to the chase and start the night where he wanted to be. And I VERY rarely make our bed, but Juliet's party was that day, so rather than take the pillows off and cover up, he just found a way to be cozy amongst them.

And then there was last night. After putting him to bed, he started calling me from the stairs. I told him to go to bed and he said he was going to wait for me. I told him I was going to be awhile and he said he was just going to wait. I find it's easier to not argue with him on stuff like this, so I just didn't answer. And this is where he chose to wait for me...on the floor at the top of the stairs.


Gretchen said...

so, so cute!!! Ryder spent LOTS of nights sleeping on his floor around this age - although he was more interested in playing with his toys than being close to me. ;) What a sweet boy you have!!

armywife_b2010 said...

I just found your blog ( I was on mine and happen to hit next blog on my nav bar). I love your “2 minutes” post and the one with your son passed out on the stair case. I hope that everyone is over the little bug (sickness). Please feel free to check out my blog @