Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We stayed home tonight. While we were at our own home for Christmas the year Juliet was born, it wasn't quite the same. We had a 19 month old and a 4 week old...while there were presents and decorations, there was no excitement, anticipation and understand. This year, we had all of those things and it was awesome!

During naps/quiet time, Chris (after napping) put Juliet's doll house together and I got the appetizers ready for our dinner as well as the overnight cinnamon rolls we'll have in the morning.

When Aidric's quiet time was over, he and I went outside and he sprinkled his reindeer food on the front lawn. At first, he thought he was supposed to just set the bag down somewhere..he was excited to learn he actually got to throw it around =)

When Juliet woke up, I insisted on a family self-portrait in front of the tree. The picture quality is horrible...but I love it anyway! (In an attempt to keep things peaceful here, we only took two shots...I really should have included the other one as well...Juliet has discovered the joy of picking her nose and I swear she stuck her finger in there the second before the shutter clicked.)

After that, it was straight to presents. Aidric dove in to find all of his presents.

It's definitely not that cold out, but something about a fire makes it FEEL like it is =)

slippers for mommy

play-doh set for jules

thomas puzzle for aidric

I put down the camera for awhile, so this was after Jules had opened a few more...a bike helmet, a silver purse that is just outside of this picture and some books. She sat down like this and completely ignored the rest of us until we had to beg her to open some more presents!

And one video of Aidric...he tends to show a little enthusiasm when receiving gifts..his response to most gifts were something like this, as well comments such as, "this is JUST what I have been asking for!!" and "These are the books I just LOVE!"


Gretchen said...

Love Aidric's enthusiasm!! The reindeer dust pics are just adorable too. Sounds/looks like a perfect Christmas Eve! :)

Kate said...

Merry Christmas! You have a beautiful family and it looks like an amazing day! :)

Beth said...

Such fun pics!! Love Jules in the bike helmet and great pics of aidric with the reindeer food.