Thursday, February 18, 2010


This child is seriously ornery. And she absolutely knows it. She's also a huuuuge drama queen. Trying to get a diaper on her is a wrestling match- one that she laughs hysterically through until she realizes she's losing. Then, she switches to an all-out sobbing, screeching mess. It's not pretty.

At dinner, she'll hold her milk cup up over head, lean over the tray, look down at the floor like she's choosing her target and then throw the cup down. Then she laughs.

But, oh, she's so stinking sweet too. She follows me around in the kitchen, pulling on my legs and crying until I pick her up. (this isn't the sweet part, it's actually quite frustrating when I'm trying to cook) But, she loves to be held and she loves to be close. In the grocery cart the other day, she just kept grabbing my tshirt and pulling me over to her. I'd lean forward and she'd throw both arms around me and put her head against my chest. I told Chris tonight, as hard as it is to cook with a 14 month old in one arm, the days of her wanting to be this close are numbered. And there will be a day when I would give anything for her to want me as much as she does right now. So, I think I'll work on cherishing this time a little more...and put more one-handed-friendly meals on the menu for next week =)


Jenifer said...

Our little guy is the same way. He is almost 15 months and we work full time. As soon as I grab him from daycare he is all over me! And I love it, I look forward to it each and ever afternoon when Im off work at 3pm and heading to get him. He just wants me to hold him and cuddle and play. And cooking dinner is and has been few and far between lately. We eat a lot of salad!! Your daughter is just beautiful.

mollie said...

oh she is precious. i love those pics :)

beth said...

What a beautiful little girl she is! And yes, I thought it would take forever for Miles to not be grabbing all over me every five seconds, but in the past few weeks he has become so much more independent. thankfully though, he is still always game for some cuddling at night with his blankie.