Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Cheerful Trip to Urgent Care

We had a babysitter this morning (one of the wonderful teachers at Aidric's Mother's Morning Out Program who has been sitting for us for a few months now). Anyway, she called about 2 hours after I left to let me know Aidric had fallen, hit a toy on the way down and cut his head, by his eye. I finished priming another wall (couldn't let the primer in the tray go to waste!) and then went home to check him out. It wasn't long at all; maybe 1/2"? But, it looked a little deeper than your average boo-boo, so I took him in. Luckily Laura was able to stay here with Juliet.

We went to our pedi first, who determined he did need stitches and sent us to the Urgent Care across the street. After an hour and half of waiting, the doctor there discussed stitches versus dermabond. He recommended dermabond, but also had a concern about Aidric picking at the adhesive. I shared his concern, but in the end, I just could not handle doing stitches if we didn't HAVE to. He's a very active boy, our time will certainly come =) But, if we could put it off, I was all for doing so. He did great with the dermabond- just laid there and watched Dora on my phone while the doc applied it. He cried a little at the end b/c he was just ready to be done, but overall, he was a brave boy! This video was taken after the nurse removed the band-aid and while we were waiting for the doc to come in. You can see he was handling the stress just fine =)


Richard and Sarah said...

he's quite possibly the cutest 2 year old boy in the world.

Gretchen said...

Ok, this is adorable. Can't wait to show it to Claudia tomorrow! And glad he's ok too - what a trooper!

Hannah said...

so cute!! He could teach Claudia a thing or two about lyrics! It's good to know he's so calm about injuries as it looks like there is a high probability of future accidents.