Sunday, January 24, 2010


If you're the mother of a 1+ year old boy, or if you even know ANY 1+ year old boys, I doubt you need a further explanation of who Thomas is.

In the event you are not familiar, let me introduce you.

The funny thing is, we can distinguish most of these Thomas trains, b/c they have slightly different names. There is "big" thomas, (he's the 2nd to biggest one, the biggest one was gift from G&P Porras and he doesn't have a name that I am aware of), "new" thomas (who is not new anymore, but also retains his given name), "whistle" thomas, and "little" thomas.

I realized later, that Little Thomas was missing from the picture, so I took one of him alone, when I spotted him under the train table. (I love the pink and blue pajama clad legs showing in the back of the picture here!)

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Beth said...

hehe, looks like our house!