Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gingerbread Choo Choo

I saw these Gingerbread Train kits and Bed, Bath and Beyond and knew Aidric would LOVE doing it. But, since we'd be traveling and away from home for the majority of December, I asked my mom if she'd pick one up for us to do at their house. I am SO glad she did, b/c Aidric absolutely loved it. We spread out the "construction" and decorating over about 3 days and he was so excited each time I told him we could work on it. I only remembered to take a picture the first day, but I love the picture of him on Christmas morning with his completed project!
Thanks again for getting this for us mom!


Gretchen said...

That second picture of him is amazing!!!! Love everything about it. =)

Sheena said...

Oh I LOVE that last picture!

mollie said...

seriously that second one looks like a magazine!