Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lucky us!!

Our wonderful friend and amazing photographer Mollie did a mini session with us on Friday morning. How fun and beautiful are these pictures?? (Is it ok to say that about pictures of yourself?? I can't help it- I love them! We honestly don't look this good in person, but she really is amazing.)

We are so lucky to have these images to take with us to California. Our family, the way it began here in Texas. Both of our babies were born in Austin. Aidric celebrated 2 birthdays here. Jules (just yesterday) cut her first teeth. I will treasure these photos as much as I treasure the engagement pictures of Chris and I in San Francisco. Such a perfect capture of our little family of four as it is right now.

Mollie, thank you again. I can't say it enough. Your friendship has meant the world to me. I hope I can be half as lucky to make the same kind of friends in CA. (Huge bonus points if that new friend also happens to be a talented photographer =)

There are a few more on her blog- go check it out!!


Richard and Sarah said...

ohhhhhhh, i love these!

Gramcracker said...

Beautiful pictures--beautiful family!

beth said...

Gorgeous pics! You have such a beautiful family!

Janelle said...

that first photo is just perfect - love how Jules is looking at the camera, too awesome! the austin postcard background is definitely cool.