Thursday, April 30, 2009

23 months- so close to 2!

I can NOT believe Aidric is going to be two years old next month!! Even though I've been saying he's "almost 2" for awhile now when someone asks his age, I'm not ready to say, "he's 2"!

I haven't done a list in awhile, but that's not for a lack of things to love about this amazing kiddo! He has such a great personality- so sweet, funny, loving and yes, ornery!!

At "almost 2", I love...

1. How sweet you are to your sister. She sneezed in the car today, and I heard your little voice say, "bess you dules" almost immediately.

2. That your sense of direction is already better than mine. In the car, you constantly direct me to go "dis way" or "da way" while pointing in the direction that leads us to the closest park.

3. The way you apologize after you've done something wrong. There is something that just melts my heart when you say "dar-ee mom-my" without my even prompting you to.

4. How you share your food with us. Even if you are eating something you absolutely LOVE, you will still give us a bite if we ask.

5. The fact that you have created your very own word. MOOP! Moop is a verb and it means stop; we think you are actually trying to save "move" but you clearly mean "stop". It's hilarious when you tell us to "moop" while holding your arm straight out at us in a "stop in the name of love" kind of motion. We really shouldn't laugh and encourage it, but sometimes, it's just too hard not to.

6. That you put words together to form little sentences. Let's be honest, they are usually commands, but they are still sentences. Ex. "daddy cut it" "A-day hode it" "mommy sit here"

7. The way you say "3-2-1 blast off!!" which is the way you like to swing, play airplane with mommy and go up the stairs with daddy. You get so excited, everything after "tree and two" comes out a mumbled mess of sounds.

8. How you cuddle up so sweet on our shoulder, arm around our neck and sucking your thumb during nighttime routine.

9. The way you request to "Eat" all day long. You can finish a huge lunch and 5 minutes after getting down from your chair, you ask to "eat".

10. This is going to be a long one, but I need to tell a little back story for it to make sense.

One night, you were incessantly saying "more, more, more" over and over again while we were sitting at the table. Daddy said, "what do you say?" and you replied, "please", but IMMEDIATELY after please, you started the "more, more, more" again. Daddy told you that you needed to wait.

We worked on the concept of "wait" the rest of the meal and at other times after this. Sometimes you would continue to beg and we would start with the "what do you say?" You would reply, "please". And then we would say, "And then what do you do?" and you would say, "Wait!"

So, that has evolved. Now whenever you want something and we say, "What do you say honey?" you immediately respond, "PLEASE! WAIT!" like you are replying to your drill sargaent. It cracks us up every time, but we are trying to undo what we've done and teach you that "please" is what you SAY and "wait" is what you DO!

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