Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big helper

Aidric loves to help with Juliet. Actually, Aidric loves almost anything to do with Juliet, but that's another post. (speaking of, I really need to import the video of him saying Juliet, which sounds like "dew-eee-yet" and AJ, which is "A-day").

Back to the helping though- he insists on burping her, pushing her in the swing, and most recently, carrying her in the car seat. When I pick up the carrier, I always bend down, swing my arm under the handle and then stand up- I never just carry it with my hand b/c it's so heavy. I love that Aidric imitates the whole motion perfectly, except when it comes to standing up, he grunts and grunts and finally asks for "alp", which is help.

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SpunkyToes said...

How adorable is that helper. I can't wait for that!