Saturday, April 18, 2009


First, the cake pops I made to bring to Mollies, inspired by bakerella. If you are Indiana family and you are going to be at my Uncle Nick and Aunt Barb's next weekend, get excited, b/c my mom and I will be making more to bring =).

We dyed a few eggs (very few, we're talking four or so). Aidric colored his eggs and I helped him dip them in the dye.

Chris helped Jules get in on the action.

The cutest little easter bunny EVER.

Chris and I had hid the plastic eggs in the playroom. I put goldfish in most of them and a piece of candy corn like candy in about 4. Here is Aidric finding his first egg, which just happened to have candy:

He approves:

After that, every time he found an egg that had a goldfish, he got this disappointed look on his face and said, "cacker", put the egg back and kept looking for more "cannie". He was soooo excited when he found his Easter basket and toys from Grandma and Grandpa -they were "hiding" in the swing. It was hard to get back on track with the egg hunting after finding the loot! (bouncy ball, sand set, little people set, fruit twists, markers, tennis balls, rubber duckies, etc.)

Jules munching on the outfits in her Easter basket.

Juliet and I getting ready to leave the boys at home.

We had a great Easter and the kids and I are looking forward to being in Indiana next week to see everyone and have another "Easter"!


Janelle said...

Yes Yes Yes!!! I was just thinking, man, I don't want to make those cake pops but I definitely want to EAT them! Make some extra for me and see you in Indiana!!

beth said...

What a fun Easter! I LOVE the picture of you and Juliet - you are both beautiful! And Aidric is so cute finding his eggs!