Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Soccer Game

Aidric's first season of soccer has come and gone. It was a very quick summer league, but a great experience for him! He had a wonderful coach, who was positive and fun, but managed to teach him a few things too =)

At first, he did NOT want to play. We couldn't figure out why since he had enjoyed tee ball so much. Finally, the day of the first game, he said, "mommy, I'm scared that I'm not going to make a goal." Awww!! Broke my heart that he was soooo focused on scoring; I worried that maybe we had stressed that unintentionally? We tried to reassure him that the fun of soccer was just playing and it didn't matter if he scored a goal. We went to the first game and he did not score a goal, but despite himself, he DID have fun. During the second game and I think every game after, he managed to score at least once and all was well. He ended up loving soccer and we've signed him up for the fall league.

A few pictures of his last game...thanks to Gretchen, Ryder and Claudia for coming out to support the "Red Superheroes"!

I was lucky enough to have the camera ready here..this is actually him scoring a goal!

High Fives after the goal!

Once their snacks were gone, Juliet, Ryder and Claudia were pretty much done with the game. I was at the end of the field taking the above pictures and managed to get a few of the girls and Chris playing.

And then Claudia came over to model for that!

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Gretchen said...

Go Aidric! You got some great action shots! I'm so glad we got to see him play! And oh my goodness, our girls are such hams - had no idea you got these shots of Claudia!