Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Fishies

7 lessons in and I am seriously so impressed with this swim school and the progress both kids are making! Aidric was nervous for his first 2 lessons. Now?? He's jumping into the pool by HIMSELF (teacher out of the water), rolling onto his back and floating on his back! He's also working on his kicks while swimming with his head in the water.

He did his first jump into the pool today and I missed getting it on video. He was getting ready to jump again, and I had the camera ready. His teacher saw me - she asked Aidric to look for me and then told him to wave to me. I was shocked when she then PUSHED him into the water. Without warning! I was so scared for him that he was going to be terrified and never want to go back to swimming. But, it makes sense. After learning the steps, anyone can prepare himself to jump into the pool and float. But, being able to do so under pressure and with fear is a different and more important skill.

As you can see in the video, the first time she pushes him in, he didn't float. He doggy paddled and just tried to keep his head up, which is a natural first instinct. You can see she jumps in to help him and he gets into a float. Then, they both get out and she tells him to jump, but then pushes him before he jumps himself. That time, he turned and did the back float perfectly. Whew! Stressful to be the mom watching this!!

Juliet has been working on the same skill, but again, I missed getting it on tape when she jumped into the pool from the side. She needs a tap on the head 'reminder' to turn, so her teacher then kept her in the pool and just drilled that.

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Richard and Sarah said...

those are AMAZING! i am so proud of them!