Friday, July 29, 2011

bikes and scooters

I really really wish we lived on a street that had more room for riding bikes or at least a big driveway suitable for the job. But, we don't. And we have to make do with going up and down a tiny stretch of road between our house and 2 down. These are from one afternoon last week...the afternoon Juliet finally started to "get" pedaling and steering!

Aidric rides the scooter for a little while...and then he inevitably wants to ride the tricycle with Juliet. I absolutely love watching them go up and down the street like this!

Juliet gets a turn to drive too...and these count as our 28 week pictures for the 52 week project!


Megan said...

Such CUTE pictures!!

Gretchen said...

CUTE!! Love that Aidric rides on the back of the trike!! The last shot with your belly is so, so adorable!!