Thursday, January 20, 2011

playing catch up

It's the end of January. About time to post some Thanksgiving pictures, no?? The kids and I spent 11 days in Indiana over Thanksgiving!! Chris joined us for the last 4 (5? it's already a blur!)

I did not bring my "big" camera home with us...this was huge for me. I just wanted to be free of the NEED that I always have to document everything and get the perfect shot. Not to mention, our suit cases were full...I mentioned we went for 11 days, didn't I??? So, I dusted off my little point and shoot and we headed off.

I'd wish I could say that my little point and shoot did not disappoint. But it did. Oh, it did. We were bowling with Gretchen, Ryder and Claudia and after I took ONE picture, it died. It wasn't the battery was something else. It just went black, even though the power light was still on.

So, on day one of our trip, I was left with nothing but my iphone! And since it was November in the midwest, most of our activities were inside. And the iphone does not have a flash. You get where I am going with this. These are not going to be PRETTY pictures. But they are our memories and that's what matters. So, here is our trip, as told through the iphone =)

reading with grandma

One day, we wandered out to the shed and my mom and I started going through some old bins (I think she thought she was actually going to get me to take some stuff home with me.) It's crazy to think these toys of my childhood are soooooo dated. I know..I'm 34. But it doesn't FEEL like it was that long ago!

Juliet loves the many (let me stress MANY) singing, dancing stuffed animals grandma has.

Aidric and Jules both love "wagon" rides on the back of Papa's tractor.

This cracks me up. My mom had not sat down for breakfast yet and this is how Aidric arranged their chairs..pulled hers up next to his. So cute!

Hanging out on a bale of hay in my parents front yard. You didn't do this over Thanksgiving?

We took them to a great indoor play place called Bellaboos. I was seriously SO impressed! This was the "water room".

And this was a cooking class...they put some frosting in bugles and added some fruity pebbles. It was a cornucopia =)

On Thanksgiving day...these 3 were born within 25 days of each other...all in May!

And what's Thanksgiving without a Peppermint Chocolate Martini? YUM!

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