Friday, January 21, 2011

Funny Stuff

Just some random funny stuff going on around here lately.

Juliet loves dresses and skirts. If I get her dressed in pants or shorts, it's fine with her...not much of a response. But, when I put a dress or skirt on her, she IMMEDIATELY goes into this funny falsetto singing and waving of her arms. I have NO idea where she got this. But it is HILARIOUS. The minute the dress is over her head, she starts it. I kept meaning to have the video ready to go and always forget, so I egged her on to do it after she was dressed.

Another funny Julietism...when asked what her name is, she replies with "Stinker Bug". Maybe we have taken that little nickname too far? She actually answered a stranger in the store yesterday with this.

Aidric is cracking me up too...he'll say something, but then when he is questioned and he realizes what he said wasn't correct, he quickly says, "I was just JOKING! Ha Ha...everything is a joke!" It seriously cracks me up every time!

He's also into TELLING jokes. Grandma Porras spent a night with the kids last weekend and they read a Pinkalicious book in which a joke was is by far his favorite. "Knock Knock. Who's there? Pinky Stinky Underwear"

And we have Ryder Nord to thank for the last of our "funnies"...Ryder taught them a new version of Row Row Row Your Boat that ends with "If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream." They've taken this a few steps further and everytime they sing it, they come up with a different "thing" to scream about..and they add "and yell" after the scream. No matter what Aidric makes up, Juliet responds with, "That's so siwwy!!" and then she says, "Watch me now" and proceeds to sing and make up her own version. Working on a video of this soon....


quick video, though not as "genuine" since he was prompted to do it.


Gretchen said...

All of these are so hilarious!!! Love Jules' girly dance . . . there's just something that happens as soon as a dress goes on! Love it. And glad Ryder could help provide a little more entertainment over there. :) Love the added "and yell" - soooo funny!

Richard and Sarah said...

max and i are watching these together and with each new video he'd yell "aaaaeeeeeehhhhhhhh!" and smile so big! he loves his silly cousins.