Friday, September 17, 2010

A conversation with Aidric

We were in the car yesterday, following Chris to return his rental car. Aidric wanted him to keep the car and this led to a conversation about buying versus renting as well and paying for things. He mentioned that Chris could have some money of out of his (Aidric's) piggy bank so that he could buy the car. I said that was very nice of him and asked if he would share his money with mommy too. He said no. I asked why not. His answer? "Because mommy, if I give you a little bit of my money, you will try to take all of it."

WHAT??? Who has this kid been talking to? Since when I am going to try to take all of his money? So, I questioned him further and verified that Daddy WAS allowed to have some of his money. Again, he said yes. But, mommy wasn't? Nope. And again, "Because you can't have all of it mommy and you will try to take it all."

I had to laugh, but on the other hand. Really??? Is it already obvious to our 3 year old that daddy is the saver and mommy is the spender??


Gretchen said...

omg that is just hysterical! Brent and I are both cracking up. Very perceptive, that boy of yours . . . =)

Karen said...

I have to say, he is one smart little boy. Love it.

Megan said...

Too funny!

Beth said...

haha, that is too funny. i'm sure it would be that way in our house as well ;)