Monday, April 12, 2010

and the milestone Chris has been waiting for

Aidric spent most of the weekend helping us with various projects around the house. He loved doing it and in a few cases, he really was helpful! (to read ALL about what we did, check out the house blog here.)

He is actually using his own hammer to hammer an old screw out of a cabinet. (cabinet was in the old laundry room- hung it in the garage for more storage out there)

getting a new tool out of his tool belt

he switched into his tennis shoes for the hard work..helping daddy make me a raised flower bed


Megan said...

TOO cute!

Richard and Sarah said...

oh my God, that's freaking adorable!

Gramcracker said...

Oh my God, it's a deja-vu for me...looks familiar only 33 years ago!

Beth said...

so, so cute with his little tool belt! and what a good helper.