Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing with Aidric...

Conversations similar to this one happen all the time, but I jotted this down verbatim right afterward. He likes to pretend the rings from a toy are cookies and tells us they are very hot when he hands them out. He had 3 of them lined up in front of him:

Aidric: Which one you want, mommy?

me: the orange one

Aidric: You don't want the orange one. Which one?

me: the green one

Aidric (in a sing songy voice): noooooooo

me: umm, the blue one

Aidric: OK!

He just cracks me up. I mean, why couldn't he have just given me the blue one from the beginning?? =)


Richard and Sarah said...

that's so grace right now too! if i want the one in her left hand i have to ask for the one in her right hand... they crack me up!

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

Too cute! I love that he's a fellow Thomas lover like my Garrett. :)

This would make a great addition to Whippersnapper Wednesday!

Feel free to share it. :)