Friday, November 6, 2009

countdown to a year..

I can't believe there is less than a month before our BABY turns ONE. Yes, I still call her a baby. I think it's so different than when Aidric turned one, b/c I was pregnant with Juliet when he was 10 months old. So, there was a "new" baby and it was easier to let him become a little boy. Now, she is the only baby and I'm not ready for that to change!!

Fun things to love at 11 months:

10. Like your brother, you love to read. You INSIST on turning the pages and while you like the "touch and feel" books, you like to do it YOURSELF.

9. Your sweet sweet kisses.

8. The way you say "mama". And more recently, "dada" too!

7. How you scoot up right next to me, pull yourself up using my clothes and then throw your whole body against mine for a huge hug.

6. Your excitement when you notice me when I've come to pick you up from Mom's Morning Out.

5. The way you laugh with Aidric when the two of you are splashing together in the bath. Daddy and I always end up wet, but you are having too much fun to make you stop.

4. How you stand up for yourself. Gone are the days of telling Aidric he just has to give you a new toy if he wants to take the one you are playing with. Now, you make it VERY clear that you need to approve of the trade too.

3. That you definitely know what you want and/or do NOT want. You are so FEISTY when it comes to pushing your bottle away the minute you decide you do not want it anymore.

2. How generally easygoing you are. You are really able to entertain yourself and just chill much of the time.

1. You love to cuddle- you just randomly put your head down on my chest while I'm holding you and stay there all cuddled in. Sometimes for 10 seconds, but sometimes for 10 minutes. (if i have the time to just sit down and cuddle back- and if I sing to you, you'll pretty much stay put for as long as I keep going)


Mary's Mom said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Gretchen said...

She's looking more like a little girl and less like a baby every day. Can't wait to squeeze her next week!! =)

Richard and Sarah said...

she is beautiful!

Sheena said...

Aww what a sweet girl! I can't believe she's turning 1!

Kate said...

she's just gorgeous!! I can't believe she's 11 months already!!

beth said...

so sweet! i love your list!

Gramcracker said...

She is absolutely precious!