Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Sweet Girl is 10 MONTHS OLD!!

Time is just going SO fast. I can not believe that Juliet is really 10 months old already. We were at the doctor today because she cried SO much in the middle of the night last night that we were convinced something had to be wrong. Nope- ears look great, no fever and our pedi doesn't even think she's teething that badly. No excuse at all other than she wanted company. Really hoping she's a little more independent tonight.

So, while we were at the doctor, she was weighed. Drum roll please....this child weighs NINETEEN POUNDS AND FOURTEEN OUNCES!!!!!! Oh my, I knew she seemed even chubbier lately, but wow. 19 lbs. 14 oz. The nurse commented, "Might as well just say she's 20 lbs, because she will be by the end of the week."

The reason for the weight gain is pretty clear though. She loves to eat and other than the "scooting" she's not ALL that active. Her fave table foods right now are: Morning Star Sausage links, Trader Joe's honey wheat pretzel sticks, nutri-grain bars, and peaches. She also loves sweet potatoes and Yo Baby yogurt.

As for that activity, just today she started sliding backwards while attempting to crawl forward. This is a HUGE step for her, considering prior to this she would not even try to crawl. Also today, she was able to get from laying on her tummy into a sitting position, something she's been trying for awhile.

My very favorite new thing is her kisses. I can't even explain how sweet it is. I say, "Juliet, can you give mommy a kiss?" and she leans in with her mouth wide open. After the "kiss" she gets this big smile on her face and often goes back in for more.

Another favorite is the adorable interaction between Juliet and Aidric. He's always been really interested in her, but it's only lately that I've seen her really really respond to him too. In the bath, they sit and splash and crack each other up. At dinner, they take turns shaking their heads and bouncing in their chairs. I feel like we're getting a glimpse of the next stage in their childhood and I can't wait!


Gretchen said...

Oh she is so, so cute. (and big - wow!!) I absolutely love that last picture - adorable!!!

Richard and Sarah said...


beth said...

She is just too adorable! How sweet it is that she kisses you!?!

Gramcracker said...

She makes 20# look GREAT! So, so cute!

Kim said...

She is sooo cute!! Jake is almost 8 months. It's so crazy how fast they grow up.

Kate said...

what a little sweetie!! She's GORGEOUS! Happy 10 months Juliet!