Friday, October 16, 2009

A few videos

Over the last month, Juliet has started doing so many fun things, but she's such a little stinker about doing them when we get the video camera out. (or in this case, Chris's i-phone)

On this one we managed to get clapping and patting her belly when asked, "where's your belly?"

And while this one is a little repetitive with the clapping, she also waves bye-bye, gives me a high five and after a lot of begging, gives a sweet little kiss. The kisses are my personal favorite, and she was so good about giving them when she first learned, but now she's so busy looking around and being distracted, she often just slaps at our faces instead =)

This one is AJ and is a very accurate picture of every Thursday at our house when the garbage truck comes. But, I think my favorite part is his reaction to "puppy dog". He is always very concerned that puppy dog is going to get him.


Gramcracker said...

Oh the simple joys of life--garbage trucks and puppies! His excitement is contagious! Juliet's personality is really developing too--such a cutie. Can't wait to see them this week.

Mandy said...

These videos are the cutest! I just love Aidric's excitement over the garbage truck and Juliet is just soooo sweet.