Saturday, January 31, 2009

20 months!!

There are SO many things to love about this little guy at 20 months, but I'm going to limit myself to 10.

1. the way you scold yourself and use the appropriate tone- for example, you walk up to the remote, hold your hand over it and say, "no, no" very seriously. if you are standing in front of something you REALLY know you can't touch, you use a louder, harsher, "NO!" to emphasize your point

2. you've always been so good at clean- up. you love the "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere..." song. but lately, instead of cleaning, when we start the song, you stand in the middle of room, flapping your arms up and down singing, "ean up, ean up". adorable, but not effective for a tidy playroom.

3. the way you say 'dan do unny' after i say "thank you honey"

4. how there is really no need for us to thank you, since you take care of that yourself. if we ask you to do something, you do it and then say, "dan do"

5. how you show excitement over the simplest things (like waffles) by clasping your hands together and shrieking, "eeeee"

6. the way you pronounce a number of words- you repeat the first syllable instead of saying the word correctly. examples: shower is "show show"

7. that your pronunciation of "sorry" is "saucy"

8. the amazing love you have for your sister.

9. once again, your love of books. you received so many new ones for Christmas and it's a good thing b/c we read about 50 a day or so it seems.

10. your kisses. i can never get enough of them.


beth said...

cute, cute, cute! love that picture of him on the swing!

Richard and Sarah said...

i miss him so much. grace naming her baby aidric has helped, but it's not the real thing!

SpunkyToes said...

Great list! Happy 20 months Aidric!