Saturday, January 3, 2009

We had a great four day visit with Grandma Porras, Uncle Richard, Aunt Sarah and Cousin Grace. Each visit with AJ and Grace gets more fun as they interact and really play together. Ok, and fight over toys, shove each other off furniture and vie for the adult's attention, but it really is a lot of fun! Chris brought everyone to the airport this morning and Aidric woke up saying, 'Grace, Grace" while trying to figure out where his constant playmate had disappeared to.

We tried to take a ton of pictures, but getting two VERY mobile toddlers in the same shot is practically impossible. We did dress all three kids in their osh gosh overalls for a photo op, but the results were not ideal. I'll work on those pictures and post soon!

Grandma and Juliet

Trying out the new rock, roll and ride from Grandma and Grandpa Porras- a huge hit!

Not so sure about his new passenger...

Reading new books with grandma

and cousin Grace too..

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